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What is ZenML Enterprise?

ZenML Enterprise is a SaaS backend for your team’s local or cloud-based ZenML pipelines. Your ML workflow won’t change - you still could run ZenML on your local machine, or use a MLOps stack of your choice, but your pipeline and stack definition is stored centrally.

Compliance and governance won’t change - you are still in charge of where the data is stored, where processing happens and where models get deployed.

ZenML Enterprise simplifies working together in a team:

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MLOps stack recipes

Get access to reference stacks for your pipelines, without knowledge about their config. Share stack configuration with Data Scientists without sharing access permissions.


Centralized pipeline store

Pipelines are persisted not only in the environment they are created, but also on ZenML Enterprise to allow for discoverability and reusability throughout your organization.

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Managed ZenML Server

The ZenML Server combines all ZenML features in a central service and scales easily to the cloud. Collaborate best across your organization.

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Enable collaboration with Workspaces

User permission management and project-specific configurations via Workspaces.


Observability for your MLOps

ZenML Enterprise gives you a complete overview of your MLOps processes, so that you know exactly what resources are being used where.


Visualizations and reports

Get access to visualizations of your pipeline artifacts and an easy UI to navigate through to different MLOps tools in your stack.


Private ZenML Hub Deployment

The ZenML Hub allows you to share your steps, materializers, and component flavors privately within your organization - all seamlessly integrated in your ZenML dashboard!


RBAC and SSO with SAML/LDAP Integration

ZenML Enterprise has built in roles and permissions, alongside custom SSO integration with your SAML/LDAM systems


Dedicated priority support and onboardings

Our team is available for you 24/7 and can help create educational materials for your internal data science unit to onboard onto the ZenML framework seamlessly

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