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Powerful ML pipelines with a simple syntax

ZenML is the fastest way to turn your ML code into powerful ML pipelines that are fully reproducible and can run on any infrastructure and any cloud.

Define pipelines using an intuitive and Pythonic syntax

  • Turn your existing Python functions into ZenML steps via a single line of code.

  • Write standard Python code to connect your steps into pipelines and execute them.

  • Develop code how you want - no need to adapt your code to complex coding paradigms.

Supercharge your ML workflows with powerful pipelining features

  • Automatically save, version, and cache your datasets and models for better reproducibility and less compute costs.

  • Make your code run on any infrastructure - locally, on-prem, or in the cloud.

  • Automate your workflows with powerful production orchestrators without changing your code.

Develop and run your ML workflows in any environment

  • ZenML pipelines run on any infrastructure, so your code can be seamlessly transitioned to production, no matter where you have developed it.

  • Develop code wherever you want - on your local machine or in a server, in Python scripts or in Jupyter notebooks, it’s all up to you.

  • ZenML doesn’t require any special infrastructure or software to run, so there is no need to wait for environments to spin up.