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Build portable, production-ready MLOps pipelines

A simple yet powerful open-source framework that scales your MLOps stack with your needs.

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Q: Why should I use ZenML?

The MLOps landscape is complex and hard to navigate. If the wrong decisions are made while creating your technology stack early on, it leads to complexity and technical debt as you progress through the stages of MLOps maturity. ZenML allows you to define your ML workflows in a vendor- and tool- agnostic manner, so that you can write your code knowing that you can switch out ML components easily as and when it is needed.


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Q: How does ZenML compare to orchestrators (Airflow, Kubeflow, Flyte, etc.)?

At a high level, an orchestrator in MLOps is a tool that enables developers to write, schedule, monitor, and manage workflows. ZenML is not an orchestrator, but rather is a tool that lets you write pipelines that can be run on multiple orchestration systems. There are standard orchestrators that ZenML supports out-of-the-box, but you are encouraged to write your own orchestrator in order to gain more control as to exactly how your pipelines are executed. ZenML not only allows you to easily swap our orchestrators, but also then focuses on adding value within the pipeline itself, with features such as model deployment, metadata tracking, and management of the configuration of your MLOps stack.

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Q: How can I be sure you'll stick around as a tool?

The team behind ZenML have a shared vision of making MLOps simple and accessible to accelerate problem solving in the world. We recently raised our seed round to fulfill this vision, and you can be sure we're here to stay! Plus, ZenML is and always will be an open-source effort, which lowers the risk of it just going away any time soon.

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Q: Can I use tool X? How does tool Y integrate with ZenML?

Take a look at our examples directory on the GitHub, which showcases detailed examples for each integration that ZenML supports out-of-the-box. The ZenML team and community is constantly working to include more tools and integrations to the above list (check out the roadmap for more details). You can upvote features you'd like and add your ideas to the roadmap (

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