Meet the team.

Interdisciplinary, with experience from the industry, in tech, engineering and the startup ecosystem.

Adam Probst

Most noteable traits:
  • Head of Life-Life-Balance
  • Sailing yacht office facility manager
  • California classic car importer in charge

Hamza Tahir

Most noteable traits:
  • Has non-artificial intelligence
  • Musicaly impaired, but redeems himself by playing a few instruments
  • Loves to cook (but eating is preferred)

Barış Can Durak

ML Engineer
Most noteable traits:
  • Lets the tensors hit the flow
  • VP of Caffeination
  • May have beat OpenAI in Dota2
  • Brings the meme into the team

Our core identity.

We believe in the prime directive, and we share a set of values that guide our work, our interactions and build the foundation for leadership.

  • Challenge everything.

    Embrace change and improve always.
    • » Never settle for the status quo.
    • » Seek feedback to improve yourself.
    • » Minimize complexity and simplify where possible.
  • Be Efficient.

    Fail fast and learn even faster.
    • » Set goals and iterate your approach.
    • » Don't do everything, do what needs to be done.
    • » Failure is no sign of weakness – only not learning from failure is.
  • Be honest.

    Provide candid feedback and own your actions.
    • » Give feedback early and often, give feedback candidly.
    • » Take responsibility for failures transparently and proactively.
    • » Don't judge failures of others – aid in learning from them.
  • Empathize.

    Understand your peers and stay candid.
    • » Every colleague and customer deserves your patience.
    • » Listen, understand, acknowledge, assist.
    • » Communicate thoughts for the betterment of company and peers, even when they're uncomfortable.
  • Enable others.

    Provide a foundation for others to bring their A-Game
    • » Support others taking risks and collaborate.
    • » Overcome bias and utilize diversity.
    • » Distribute relevant information proactively.

We love what we do.

Check out some impressions from our team.