What is ZenML Cloud?

ZenML Cloud is a SaaS backend for your team’s local or cloud-based ZenML pipelines. Your ML workflow won’t change - you still could run ZenML on your local machine, or use an integration into a processing backend, but your metadata and pipeline definition is stored centrally.

Compliance and governance won’t change - you are still in charge of where the data is stored, where processing happens and where models get deployed. But ZenML Cloud simplifies working together in a team:

  • Centralized pipeline store
    • Pipelines are persisted not only in the environment they are created, but also on ZenML Cloud to allow for discoverability and reusability throughout your organisation.
  • Centralized Metadata Store
    • Metadata (and the Artifact Store destination) is persisted centrally to allow for caching and comparability across your organization.
  • Centrally managed backends
    • Reference backends from your pipelines, without knowledge about their config or having permissions spread out across laptops.
    • Share backends with Data Scientists without sharing access permissions.
  • Hosted pipeline evaluation, comparison and statistics
    • Get instant insights into your pipeline results through hosted evaluation notebooks, comparisons across pipelines and statistics per processing step.
  • Managed pipeline invocation
    • pipeline.run() sends the pipeline.yaml to our pipeline registry and launches the orchestration job on a preconfigured backend - 0 knowledge necessary for the invoking user
  • Managed pipeline orchestration
    • ZenML Cloud can orchestrate your pipelines - zero self-managed infrastructure on your end required. We launch pipeline steps in your processing environment, so you only pay for processing resources.
  • Manage teams and projects in Organizations and Workspaces
    • User permission management
    • Project-specific configurations for experiments via Workspaces

We’re not quite ready yet.

But why don't you head on over to our Github repo to get started today, or reach out to us via email or Slack if you’d like to hear more about our plans for ZenML cloud.